Original Painting: Dramatic Colorful Sunset

Hello Hivers friends, a pleasant day! another colorful painting I created today with acrylic paint. This medium never fails to achieve your desire texture of the painting.

Advantage of acrylic paint why I choose in traditional painting, this medium is one of the most versatile, I love the composition and consistency and it is a fast drying paint.

This painting has a vibrant color of dramatic sunset that gives us satisfaction.The beauty of sunset is breathtaking and magical. As you gaze up the beauty of the sunset it boosts your happiness and it is enduring.

Brush that are used: flat brush, round brush and liner brush.
Acrylic paint: black, lemon yellow, yellow ochre, titanium white and green mid.

• Make an sketch
• Paint the background
• Put distance or depth on the field, ( Distance between background and foreground)
• Paint the trees and put some detail and highlight.

Canvas: A5 acrylic pad, 200 Gsm - This canvas is suitable for acrylic painting or even oil painting.

Painting Process:

That's all for today, I hope you like this post and thank you for stopping by!


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