Splinterlands Art Contest week#279 (Sand Worm)

Splinterlands Community holds a art contest based on weekly basis where artists have to take part in by Drawing there cards In there own art styles , or something inspired by their character. You can find all the Cards from Splinterlandscards.com . Rules are simple you can't trace or copy any artist and Plagiarism is not allowed . Any art medium can be used .

Now with that being said here is my Entry for the week. This week I chose a character that I have seen in movies too and I have heard alot off folk lore about it. This week the card I'm drawing is Sand Worm .

The character is very simple it's like a monstrous Giant worm with big Fangs . That just comes out of earth to attack you.

So I began by Sketching now for this I also had to draw the worm in perspective so the bottom is narrower while the top part is wider . Then I made some clouds and waves cause when it's comes out the sand with start dispersing. Next when it's coming out that means some rocks will be in air too . Now I looked at the card and made the fangs and all the teeth inside it's big blender like mouth.

Now that I had my rough sketch. I imported it into a digital drawing app called medibang paint pro and started making the lineart by tracing everything with a pen sharp brush. First I did the body made it more squiggly , then I added it's fangs and rocks and in end the clouds . As my Lineart was all done. Now was the coloring part.

I started by adding a muddy brown to background so we can see our character better then i made a Cloud like layer and I started added cloudy texture and colors to it. Next I added flat color to my worms body too and where the work was coming from I made that more dark so it shows depth.

Now I started shading the worm with a peachy color first then eventually I started layer more colors on top and blending it even added dark colors to each section of the worm so the body looks realistic.

next i just colored the whole lineart a in a oink tone and started rendering tge Fangs and teeth too. next i rendered the rocks too .

At this step the background seemed more basic so i starred shading it like ground and also the dust clouds . i didnt like the waves so i removed them . added some glow to the bottom right side like there was some radioactive light coming from there .

added my Water mark did some final Color adjustments and here is the final look ❤

i hope you liked it . Participation in this contest has really made me draw more Hybrid monster characters its a great way to practice also . I have grown better each time .

Well that is all for today Thank you for your precious time and support ❤

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