Splinterlands art contest week #269 (water elemental)

Every week Splinterlands community helds an art contest on Hive and the format to take part is that you have to draw one of there characters from Splinterlandscard in your own style (you can use whatever art medium you want, just no tracing and. Copying someone else's art work it's like a dtiys , every I'd can take part once a week in this )

After that little intro here is my entry for the week #269 and today I'm drawing the character called water elemental .

Let's talk about the characters main characteristics so it's like a water genie. That's made of water and is like wobbly and there's drops and spills around him so that's exactly what I kept in mind while sketching the facial features were also not so visible so we just made some squiggly mouth and two eyes . Another thing that this character only hand three fingers in his hand .

After I was done with the sketch I digitally converted it into a lineart with a pen sharp brush. I just made some drop like shapes and spills too .

The second step is to add our flat colors since this character is all about water no dress code or any accessory we would just focus on rendering the water like texture.

So I colored it all a deep blue and then clipped a layer to shade some darker areas then I took a pale blue color and added some more highlights near the drops and lastly I used a teal color to just put on some highlights

So our main character is almost done I just put it in a folder and clipped a new layer on top with hard light and filled it with a lighter color this just made the character all glowy .

Now for the background I used a sea green colored gradient as I water my character to be under water then I added some glow to him and some rocky color in the back and some seaweed too
I didn't want much focus on the background so I blurred it a bit and here is the final result .

Thank you for your precious time and support you ❤️

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