Splinterlands art contest week #256 ( Shadow snitch)

My Entry this week for the Splinterlands art contest week # 256 im drawing a character called Shadow Snitch .

So this character is like a lurking in dark long limbed monster that has 4 arms and a face with a yellow sunken eye .

So first of all i did a rough sketch for the character its more like the ribs are showing out of skin and it has these long limbs and wrinkly skin to bone look so i sketched this and converted it digitally into a line art in Medibang paint pro.

Next i filled flat color in the the character i used a pale green gray and i added another layer on top since the character has no clothing but just the skin it revolves alot of shading .
I used water color wet brush to shade the skin like where the bones will be emphasized and i guassian blurred it . Took a darker shade of blue green and again shaded the back and the hands next i added a bit gradient from side si it looks like a light shadow .

After shading the skin i started coloring the lineart . I colored it with a gray dull blue tone .
Then i shaded his hair with a white shade and painted his eye added a glowy highlight to it.

Next i added a gradient background to it and clipped a navy blue layer on top of it all changed the layer blending mode to overlay and turned the opacity low .

Here is the final result ❤️

Thank you for your precious time and support

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