Splinterlands art contest week# 249 (Silent Sha-vi)

For my this week's Splinterlands art contest entry i drew a character called Silent Sha-vi . So the character looks like an Eyelash viper thats all dark. So i actually love drawing Snakes alot and i sketched it in my own style .
Then i opened a snake pose and saw it mixed it with the actual character and that was my sketch . Next i took a picture of my sketch and imported it in an art app called Medibang paint pro.

I turned my sketch into a refined lineart by tracing it with a pen sharp brush . Each thing was traced on a different layer like snake outline and scales on another so we can color the line art later easily. So this is how the final sketch looked

Later i filled flat colors in it and clipped a layer and shaded the snake with a gradient i used two dark shaded of the same color and with an air brush i kept shading the bottom of the snake . I made the eyes yellow with the pupil orange just like the actual reference . After this i clipped another layer on top of this and with a water color wet brush i chose the most saturated dark navy blue and brushed the top of the snake so it looks like an highlight and guassian blurred it . This gave it an effect as if the snake was glowing from the light above.

Next i colored the lineart so i made the snake scales a lighter shade from the snake outline this made the snake pop and gave it a more softer look.

Next i shaded the lineart a little too and added glow to the snakes eyes

And here is the final look

Thank you for your precious time and support

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