Splinterlands art contest week #247 (The Cabalist)

For this weeks Splinterlands art contest entry i made the card character called "The Cabalist "
The character seems like a strong wizard doing some spells and i loved that about him.
Here is how i made it.
First of all i saw the refrence and drew a sketch in my art style then digitally converted the lineart by tracing it with a pen sharp Brush .

The app i use is called Medibang paint pro . Every lineart was made on a new layer like the skin the hair and the dress so later i can color them as well.
After that i added flat colors to the character this step gives it a pop of color but this isn't still finished without shading .For that i used watercolor wet brush which is a default brush in Medibang paint pro i used a darker shade to the thing i was shading and just painted the inner edges then i guassian blurred it. This gives a soft shaded shadow look now for the metal parts like the golden armor or the iron armor i shaded them with different shades of silver and golden .

The character always needs a good highlight as well as shading so i highlighted the parts by shading them with a lighter shade how ever i colored the part after the edges that i had shaded set the layer on add and turned opacity a bit low.
After that i colored the eyes as well
The round spell that was on top i protected the layer and clipped a pink layer on it merged it added a another pink circle under it set it to add in layer blending mode and guassian blurred it this gave it a glowy glowy look like the spell was glowing .

now i merged all these layers and duplicated the spell to both of his hands
Now i added a background to it i made it look like a muddy cave this just enhances the illustrations.
I added a pink layer on top and set it to overlay in layer blending mode turned opacity a bit low and here is the final result.

Thank you for your precious time and support ❤️

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