Splinterlands art Contest week #246 (water Caller)

For this weeks Splinterlands entry i drew water caller character from Splinterlands Card.

First i made a rough sketch in my art style .One thing i keep in mind is that even if im seeing an reference and drawing in my style the dress elements and characters accessories are drawn same .I really loved the Water blob that was floating on top of her and that is why i chose to draw her.
Firstly i sketched the character. Now in the actual image the character is kind of singing and calling water blobs but i made just one .

After that i took a picture and added it to Medibang paint pro where i digitally converted my sketch to a refined line art with help of a pen sharp brush.

Afterwards i added flat colors to my illustration as the real character also had a long cape some furs on shoulder while coloring the. Dress i noticed that most things i am drawing here have a different texture .

I painted the water blob with a water wet brush kept adding different shades of blue and blended it and blurred it after that on a new layer i did some highlights and set it to add so it made it look like water . The texture of the fur on her shoulder was same i smudged everything seperately so it looks like tiny hair detail. I shaded her hair and dress with a darker tone then added a necessary highlight to them .The golden Accents too were enhanced by using two different shades of yellow this gave it a nice effect .
For the skin i went with a pale pink this time and shaded her clothes too .

After that i colored the line art . Made her jewels glow blue and added a Background .Here is the final result ❤️

Thank you for your precious time and support

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