Splinterlands art contest week# 239 (Molten Ash Golem)

For This weeks entry i drew Molten Ash Golem
[Molten Ash Golem https://www.splintercards.com/chaos-molten-ash-golem]

Firstly i just made a quick sketch of a muscular mans torso and just gave him a wide square jaw line which resembled the character some spikes n horns and converted it to a line art .

After that i filled it with a grey color and started putting the shadows over it with a water wet brush later i guassian blurred it

Then i added more shadows to the lower part making it look like a rock .The next step was to highlight the parts that were supposed to have light over them so i made the middle of the rocks shine by setting blending mode on add and guassian blurred it.

Afterwards i corrected the color of the body to aa more bluish gray

Now i just turned the saturation a bit down for the body and started adding hair and all the hair details.

Next i made random Y shaped squiggly lines these will look like cracks with lava pouring down .So to turn it bit more like lava i clipped another layer set it to add started drawing same squiggly lines over the first red ones with a bright yellow color but not all the way then i guassian blurred it and added another clipped layer set to add . Used a sparkle brush to add ember effect and here u can see it prettying much looks like molten lava

Next i clipped a layer on the hair and made the hair bright orange red

Now my character was pretty much done so i added a blue gradient to the back .I wanted to make a night sky scene as if a mountain on island has errupted and the golem is out . So i made the sea too added stars ,clouds and the moon .

I selected the same blue from background and clipped it as filled over my character set the blending mode to over lay and here is the final result ❤️😍

I added more highlights to him and as you can see this way character blends with the background.

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