Splinterlands art contest #272 (Septic Slime )

For my Splinterlands art contest entry this week I'm drawing a Card from Splinterlandscards.com .This cards Called Septic Slime .

The Character is a Bloody Red Slime With bones and Weapons From the defeated dead bodies are sticking out of it . That was all I had to draw. Three things I had yo keep in mind were Slime is like a plasma substance so it has to be translucent .

I started by doing a rough Sketch I made a wobbly shape First then I made lots of Broken Daggers swords and blades all sorts of weapons in it and a bone hand hanging out this is our base sketch after it. I just imported my image in a digital drawing app called Medibang paint pro.

Now I converted the sketch into a line art . I made three different layers for lineart so it's easier to color them.

Since our Lineart is ready I started filling in Flat colors in our Character . I Duplicated the slime base color layer on to and set it's opacity a bit low so it looks like a translucent substance .

Now I started shading with water color wet brush first the slime I used a darker red shade to add shadows then I added some highlights too . I Shaded the weapons and their handles too and put some highlights on them according to the light source.

After this I also colored the lineart too .

I then added a background with gradient blue sky and a muddy. Brown horizon added some more shading.

After some more Color correction and Light adjustment here is the final result.

TBH I love participating in this contest I haven't won yet but it just makes me practice and do things out of my comfort zone also This Contest has provided me so much knowledge about character designs so I really had to say that .

that's all for today Thank you for your precious time and support ❤️

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