Splinterlands Art Contest Week #229 - Defender of Truth

Alrighty, here goes nothing~

I've been away from my regular postings for so long that it feels somewhat illegal now that I'm trying to get back on track now xD

Been so busy learning to code and everything that I hadn't got the time to be properly active on Hive and get on with my memes and everything for the past dozen months... finally got some time to make an entry for the Splinterlands Art Contest and hopefully, it'll be a new start for many more different posts (other than the giveaways)...

Anywho, we are sidetracking here, so back to the topic at hand:

Today's Drawing

is none other than the Defender of Truth... you can tell by my last two entries that I'm into medieval stuff - swords and bows...(the one before this was ages ago, good luck scrolling down that far, but you can filter with tags if you're using PeakD). And fitting with Legolas's theme the last time is a Pikeman here.

Here's the process for the drawing: (sorry I missed the sketch part, but I guess this will do)

As for the final pic, I tried adjusting its colors and brightness through PhotoShop. I had my shadow captured on the pic and it wasn't making a decent result to put as the cover for my post... so I did add more shadows to the parts that didn't have any. Then, I tried lighting the drawing up as a whole by adjusting the Levels - making it brighter overall, but not too bright (taking some of the blacks more prominent too so the drawing wouldn't get white grains)

Needless to mention that the background looked somewhat empty, so I tried adding some shadows under the fella and some kinda glow behind him so it looks more crowded, that him just standing there in an empty terrain xD

Also, here's the card reference from inside the game:

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