Splinterlands Art Contest Week #202 - Prince Rennyn

So, for this week's contest, I've decided to draw Prince Rennyn - one of the OG summoners out there. He's an elf, so why not? :)) (and a prince to top it off :O)

I also tried using a black pen for outlining (as opposed to last week's color pencil outline which was hella thicc xD) so our Prince here is looking a bit extra frail (as he should). I'm especially quite satisfied with how the wrinkles on his clothes turned out this time. I'm usually really insecure when it comes to those as I feel like they might turn out unreal.

I really like the color selection of the original card's artwork. The game artists have done their job perfectly! The purple cloak to show he's of somewhat of a higher status plus his green clothes which shows he's an elf (honestly, name one elf you know who doesn't wear something green - modern suited-up elves excluded xD)

As for the background, I used a darker shade of green (goddamn elves) and red rays to portray some sort of blood rain or something - as you see in movies when a valley of arrows is rained down upon people. Rennyn might probably not be the guy to mess around with - given the fact that he's a summoner and buffs your arrows and all >:D

Thanks for reading down to the bottom!

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