Clearing the Right-of-Way ~ 100 foot tall dead trees gotta go!!

What’s up Hivers? Damn it’s been a long time… Finally here I am on the couch resting up a bit after taking my son and his friend to the local pool to jump of the diving boards. I guess our pool isn’t cool enough… Things have been hectic as usual around the Splatts house. Especially when adding in my Son’s scoliosis treatments and daily therapy. We had another visit to the scoliosis care center in July and… I’m gonna leave you hanging for that one. 😉😉 Let’s just say we have made some progress and leave it at that.

So let’s get to the title of this post… it’s pretty amazing what happens when your company hires a professional tree company to come in and go through your whole electrical grid. Instead of just trimming stuff back so it doesn’t burn year after year, we have been felling 100 foot dead trees all over the place.


We have been doing our normal “Lineman Stuff” Monday thru Thursday 10hrs a day but for the past month we have been teaming up with the tree trimmers and cleaning up the Right-of-Way. Doing some serious damage

We tend to look at the trees that are close to the line, which makes sense. Yet there are those 100+ footers sitting behind them that can cause chaos. All it would take is for one of those to fall into the power line during the dry months and we could have an out of control fire burning up the Blue Mountains. We took down 20 dead trees just last Friday and there are many many more.

We fell this one across the creek, it made a really nice bridge. I’m sure the landowner is gonna love it

For the past 3 years we have sent a crew to help out another utility to rebuild after a fire. I wasn’t sure there was much more to burn there. They lost 86 poles this go around. We spent 4 days there along with 3 other crews. Dang that’s another post I need to make…


There has been many times over the past month or longer that we have had to kill the power and drop the powerlines out of the way in order to fell a tree. We don’t like knocking out the power to the people but sometimes it’s necessary.

This section had 14 dead trees

Next Friday we are suppose to go to a property that has over 40 dead trees that are potential hazards. It’s gonna look like a hurricane went through there when we are done. But hey, the landowner is gonna score some serious fire wood.


I honestly don’t know what it is, but when those trees hit the ground… it’s just so damn cool. I think maybe it is because it’s the sound of destruction or something… or maybe the fact that it takes care planning and skill to get a tree that big to fall where you want it.

This is beginning to feel like a mountain that we will never reach the top of. These tree trimmers we hired keep saying… “There is a $#!+ ton of trees to take care of. They are some hard working SOB’s I can tell you that.

Just to set the record straight… I hate climbing trees…


I had to use the homeowner’s 20 foot extension ladder just to get to some branches that I could monkey around on. Then I had to climb up an addition 20 feet just to reach these branches with a 10 foot pole saw… I’m a Lineman damnit!! Not a tree trimmer!! Oh well it all come with the territory… I guess

All GIFs were made by me with my videos using GIF maker


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