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Read To The Young Men In Thier 20's


If you're a young man still in your early 20's you need to read this.

The early adult age is a very fragile one. It's where it all happens. At that age if you don't carefully adjust and build your life, it might be too late.

The bible even made it known. Now in the time of your youth. Leave the frivolous life and focus more on building yourself, your brand. Build you as a person

So to all the guys in their early adult years know this:

  1. Focus on building yourself; now is the right time to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge you need in life. Skills that will enable you to live the life you desire and dream of. Because at this time there's so much time on your side. And as a man too there gonna be so much responsibility on your shoulders so focus on getting yourself ready for the coming task. You can't run away from it. Unless your Dad has an inheritance stashed away somewhere for you.

  2. Forget about RELATIONSHIP; this might sound crazy but no matter how serious you think you are. Instead have FRIENDS (female and male) who share the same purpose and are ready to encourage you. Listen, some of the people you're dating now will soon be married and Maybe not to you. While you are busy chasing the wind, another man who has already made it in life will come and whisk her away. Whilst you are still busy hustling and trying to make the best out of life.

  3. Make sensible friends; One thing you should know is the friends you make now are the connections your kid needs tomorrow. So if you go about making stupid friends that barely think of their tomorrow, then maybe tomorrow you're gonna regret it. Make friends that motivate you to do better.

  4. Earn, save and invest; this is the best part. Yes, make a living and when the pay comes, save a few and reinvest a few. Investments are money saved to save the future drought. You might not know that now but later in when you're reaping the fruits of your investment then you'll understand better. Avoid unnecessary spending, rather invest in your future.

To avoid "If only i knew better, maybe I would have done better" use these times you spend on midnight calls and frivolities and channel that energy into something more meaningful. Because you see my friend, life happens when you are busy making other plans!

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