Pictures from new metal structure

I've been a bit silent about this warehouse/bungalow that has been under construction since last year, perhaps because its made almost entirely of metal I don't feel like it qualifies as a 'natural building' method, but I am quite happy how it is turning out what we have started here.


This is a second story area, which is elevated up off the ground giving a lot of dry space underneath, something that is at a premium here in the very wet montane forest climate of our farm.


I stepped in to lend a hand to install the windows, I hadn't considered windows to be important, but the man shown here assured me that the windows were crucial to prevent anyone with a ladder to climb inside the second floor.


This is a very simple, minimalist design, I am happy to report that I bought up almost all of the materials last year before the drastic rise in material prices including metal.


Almost all of the details are complete, whats left is to clean and seal the floor, which I hope can be done this week.


All in all, I am quite happy how it turned out, including the costs of delivering the materials to the farm as well as labor and materials the cost was just under $7000. I still have a bit of extra wood and some metal scraps as well.


All in all I am thankful to be alive and pushing to make things better with the opportunities I have been given. Recently I have received my highest ever post payout, with my 'It's time to focus on building a new Social Contract'. I plan on writing more along those lines because I think it is essential to actually build the future, take responsibility and create a better future each one of us.

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