The weeks are flying by and we are already in the penultimate month of this year. According to many crypto analysts, Q4 of this year would be a top time for crypto, and at this point I'm inclined to say they could be right. However, my expectation is even more for quarters 1 and 2 of next year. Now, of course, you all know that I'm not a crypto analyst, so if I were you, I wouldn't place too much value on these words. Nothing I write should be taken as financial advice...let that be very clear. And now that that's clear again, let's quickly dive into the latest news that our own Tribes have to offer us.


We are going to kickoff with our own;


@raymondspeaks hopefully has foresight, at least he has a feeling that HIVE won't be below $1 for very long. Again, no financial advice, I only state what I have heard. But the fact is that Hive has been climbing slowly but surely. We also have Steem, the other blockchain left behind us in terms of price. Anyway, Ray is going to make sure that Brofund will go into the coming period stronger again. And what will that mean for you as Bro-Hodler? Time will tell, but I think you can bet it won't be bad.

The second tribe we visit today is;


As you probably know by now, the city chat has left discord and resides on element. But what not many people will know is that there is still a lot to do. And what there is to do can be read in large part in the Nexian City Paper. A new city paper comes out every week and it's worth keeping an eye out for the "Curation Station" alone. But beyond that, there are many more things going on. If you still have doubts about downloading and re-engagement element in the city… maybe a price of 50 Hive can win you over?

Yes, you read that right ... that can be won in the weekly city puzzle. However, you must be present here in the city chat on element. So if you think you can quickly pick up on this by just writing a comment under the news paper, you're wrong.

Engagement in the city is and remains the most important thing in Neoxian City, but that should be the case for everyone on a Social Blogging Platform. In Neoxian City they understand how important it is to stimulate this and that is where engagement and taking responsibility are well rewarded.

If you now have the idea that you would also feel at home in the Neoxian city, a small warning is in order.

To attract the full attention of the 'residents' ... you have to be well aware of Splinterlands, and you have to be able and willing to talk about it a bit. Oh, talking about a giveaway works well too 😉. Have fun and enjoy the city chat!

From Neoxian we continue to;


Every week we are kept well informed about the latest developments, and this week there was again news from the Leo Team. It had not so much to do with the big lion as with the little CUB.

The PolyCUB has been announced, and as you might expect, that includes an airdrop! Yes folks. An air drop! And of course you all want to know how and what when you hear the word "airdrop".

To know that, check out the announcement post from @leofinance.

A spoiler... you need CUB! And to everyone who owns CUB, congratulations on this nice price increase of the CUB. Hang on hold on! It's only going to get better!

As if nothing, the second IDO for Cub launchpad announced! Read the post for more information, but I would think ... it is a bullish sign for CUB.

We will quickly move on to that other community where there is something new to tell every week;


And we are not disappointed this week either. Like every week, there is something new to report here.

If you still have your doubts about the Vouchers. These will NOT disappear. The Vouchers are here to stay. They will even be dropped at a 2x rate after the pre-sale. But you will also need them in the future. Exactly how that works is not yet known. The fact is that there is just a lot going on, and with every AMA new things come out.

If you want to follow it exactly, keep a close eye on the @splinterlands account. In any case, the summary of the latest AMA can be found here find. And I can tell you that it is TOO much news to tell briefly.

What I found an interesting bit is that the team is also looking to hire people. Don't spam the team about it now, but stay tuned!

From the next Tribe;


We had an announcement in the discord that the PGM token will be distributed as reward. PGM stands for Play Gamers token. Let's just hold UTOPIS, sit back, relax and get rich. Best part for this is probably that @chronocrypto does all the hard work to achieve this for everyone that is holding UTOPIS.

Next we have;


And it looks like the founder of the Blockheadgames community, none other than @themarkymark, has learned the art of announcing announcements from @khaleelkazi.

Whether we have to wait just as long for "something amazing" is not yet known at the time of writing this edition of the BRO NEWSPAPER, but that something is about to happen is certain.

It is my understanding that HIVEFEST may be the time for @themarkymark to announce the "something amazing". Although I also understand that @raymondspeaks already knows more about this.

Anyway, I'm convinced something good is in the works, so keep my eyes on the Blockheadgames discord and account.

It is a bit quiet in the many tribes at the moment. It has apparently been a fairly quiet week as far as news goes on the Hive Blockchain. Although I am really convinced that there is a lot to come. I hope to be able to bring you more exciting news in the coming week. In any case, I'll be keeping my eyes on the various accounts for the next week. The Hivefest is rapidly approaching and I expect to hear many startling news there.

So let's move on to some engagement action is a fairly quiet week.


And while you think about the contests, and which contest you want to enter, you might as well enjoy the latest gossip.


  • @xawi really has to work hard in the splinterlands tournaments these days?

That has been different in the past. Well, it's not easy to keep living up to the high expectations, but there are certainly worse things.

  • People in Neoxian City have a separate chat room for Splinterlands, but Splinterlands is still the most talked about in the GENERAL chat room?

Could it be because they are all obsessed with Splinterlands, or is it because they are just a bit stubborn?

  • @jjb777 is a dragon in The Mancave, but he would love to own one more title.

I can understand it, but it's not easy... Titles aren't exactly given away for free.

  • @melbourneswest hasn't even launched Skippy (SKP) yet, and already someone is trying to steal the idea.

Exciting times, and you know, it just might be that Skippy is going to change my life for the second time… (No high expectations here. LOL)

  • I asked @raymondspeaks for the great BRO news for this week, and the answer was "NO news". Oops...a week of shutdown for BRO because the community leader was distracted.

So I guess BRO will be fine if Ray allows himself a week to be distracted. He is forgiven by the way. His son was on autumn vacation.

  • @themarkymark has stepped into the business world of announcing announcements.

For some reason I suspect that the realization of the announcement will not be so long in coming here

  • @silverstackeruk actually has a name that doesn't quite fit. He was a bitcoin stacker before he became a silver stacker

Stacking the silver was probably a bit easier ;-)

As you can see, there has been plenty to gossip again. But since this is not a gossip paper, I'll stop for this week. And let's see if the rest of the crypto world is just as flourishing as Hive!


Actually, I can only conclude that we seem to be in a bullish trend with the entire crypto world. And then it's time to slowly start looking at the rest of the world. Because while it's hard to imagine, there's seriously a whole world out there besides crypto.


When I view the world news like this, I immediately remember why I prefer to keep following the crypto news lately. For some reason it looks a lot more positive.

And here we come to the end of this issue of the BRO Newspaper. Hope to see ya'll again next week in a new issue! I hope you enjoyed this weeks newspaper.

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