Why don't we take on Reddit?

Watching all the drama unfold with Game Stop and the Reddit forum, Wallstreetbets unfold got me thinking...Why isn't Hive anywhere near the amount of users that that forum garnered after that all the commotion?

I mean, Hive is very much kind of like Reddit in format right? Wallstreetbets user base catapulted to over 8 million in a span of a couple of weeks! If only Hive can get anywhere near that, we would be shooting up to the moon.

I just don't understand why this platform seems so inclusive. It's the same old dudes and dudettes funneling the same shit, scratching each others back and doing the old circle jerk that made Steemit the butt of old jokes.

Why isn't there more concerted promotion and marketing and reaching out to a broader audience? Let's get the peeps from WSB to join this platform - steal them from Reddit's grasp.

I just saw a post the other day about trying to get Elon Musk to tweet about Hive so it can get exposure, well fuck that and fuck Elon. We need to take on Reddit. We need the same amount of users coming here and using this platform.

As it stands, you don't get awarded for shit at Reddit other than the stupid karma system. Here, you can actually get PAID for posting content. I think we have it wrong all along and going after the likes of FB or Twitter. We need to steal Reddit's user base. Make them come here and for a WSB version 2.

At the very least, I'm tired of the lack of growth in this platform and the stagnation. I think we need a concerted effort to make this platform more accessible (and I know that sounds like we're beating a dead horse) just like Reddit. Let's grow the fucking user base. Let's do it already for fuck's sake.

To prove, just Google hive. Where does it take you? It doesn't even end up on the first page of Google's search results! How pathetic is that? There should be some kind of leadership that addresses these issues. Why aren't there?

Let's make it easy for everyone to join! Let's set aside some resources for marketing and getting this platform exposed to the rest of the world.

Seriously, now everyone knows what the fuck Dogecoin but no one outside of Hive knows about Hive. How fucking shitty is that? A shitcoin that's got no platform is shooting up to the moon and Hive is still stuck in the same quagmire that Steem was?

We need some fresh ideas guys, like pronto. Sitting here doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result is just plain stupid. Scouring the trending posts, there's a bunch of projects around the platform to do all kinds of cool shit but never anything that would create trading memes that would reach out to millions of people in all corners of the earth.

Why not focus on getting users and more exposure than writing more code to make all kinds of cool apps that nobody is ever going to use because they've never heard of it.

What do you guys think?