What's your comment to post ratio like?

I've brought up the issue recently that none of the front-ends we're using is showcasing the comment to post ratio in the profile pages, they show everything just as posts. While they're pretty much the same on the blockchain level it is something that matters in my view.

At @ocd we've been shifting our focus a lot more lately towards rewarding social users. This doesn't mean that we ignore quality content completely, but if there's two amazing posts from two different users, they both haven't received our votes in a while and we'd be limited to only pick one, we'd chose the one that's been more active in engagement.

With engagement it doesn't only mean replying short words to people commenting under your posts, but actively engaging and connecting with other users on their posts. It's not just that it would "look good", but it's an important step for users here to build genuine connections where engagement becomes mutual and deeper on many levels.

There's nothing I dislike seeing more than well rewarded authors, who not only aren't really that influential outside of hive to say bring some traffic over for their rewards and be of value that way, but at the same time take the rewards for granted and don't even acknowledge comments on their posts with a vote or a reply. Autovoting is one of the big causes of this, people get used to them, take them for granted and stop caring about further evolving their connections to other users or being social on our social media blockchain. Needless to say these are the people who react the loudest when downvotes occur as well, but that's maybe a post for another time.

Some of you may remember that during the prior hardfork, there were many accounts focusing on curation rewards maximization. There was some weird math involved where if you voted an account very early on, before they had any other vote, the less the better, they'd receive pretty much max ROI as long as the vote you're casting or the ones coming in after you would take the post at least past the tax threshold. Aside from the curation "sniping" wars we saw some accounts engage in, this also caused a lot of authors to create alt accounts, knowing that either they won't receive another big vote from some curation projects a second time the same day or if too many front-runners had appeared on their accounts which pushed the bigger accounts who wanted to maximize curation returns away from them. At the same time having another fresh account, free from the attention from trails and posting good enough content to receive a big vote from certain accounts would be a win-win for both the author who now is again receiving a big vote or another one that day and the curator being able to be one of the first ones to cast their vote to maximize returns. It didn't matter too much if others landed their votes after that account or not, it was guaranteed higher returns than if they voted on a post at say $0.10-1.

This shift in creating alt accounts was when we decided that we'd focus more on active people, not just for the reasons in the early paragraphs where we'd naturally want to reward those who spend more time on Hive and try a bit harder, but to also avoid voting up alt accounts as genuine engagement is hard to do on more accounts - especially if you're so busy creating content on several accounts.

A lot of that is now history with linear curve, of course, but I'm still seeing some lasting effects mainly on autovotes from lists that should be updated a bit more often or authors who just get comfortable with the auto rewards they're earning and stop trying or the quality of the content drops as they know they have those autovotes waiting so they push themselves to post daily if not more per day.

Anyhow, what does yours look like? Have you checked it out lately?

Don't be shy, post isn't meant to make you feel bad if you haven't been as engaging as you'd want to be. Real life exists and not everyone can be as nolife as some of us. :p

You can check your stats on @arcange's hivebuzz:


This is what mine looks like:


Quick maths put me at about 11.111111111111x more comments than posts.

Also noticed this randomly after searching my username on hivebuzz:


Someone was nice enough to create an account for my mom! Thanks stranger! :P

Sending half of post rewards to @poshtoken for further development.

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