Reviews of AIR PLANE Rides

Hello friends, how are you doing ...
Greetings with me @qholil, this time I want to review the AIR PLANE rides ..


Yes, the AIR PLANE game is a game as full as an airplane, this AIR PLANE game can be played by adults or children, one plane can only be boarded by two people,and the aircraft have 8 units ..


This AIR PLANE game system how it works rotates while rising up slowly, and for the height of this AIR PLANE approximately 10 meters,
And the system is automatic, ..
If the above rounds have reached 5 rounds with the automation it will go down itself, it will take approximately 5 minutes ..


And this AIR PLANE ride is very popular with children, whose design of this game is cute and makes children happy to want to play it,If you want to ride the AIR PLANE game, you don't need to wait for the plane to be filled with all the passengers, even if only one person, the AIR PLANE game will still be played, so how is it really cool.


This AIR PLANE ride is not just for playing, there are also those who use it to take pictures and take selfies ..
The one whose building is very beautiful for taking pictures or taking selfies ..


The AIR PLANE game is operationalized using a 3-phase electric dynamo engine, for the AIR PLANE game itself requires two 3-phase electric dynamo engines.
One engine to help turn the plane, and the other engine to help raise the plane ...


And this AIR PLANE ride is not intended for people who have a history of heart disease, pregnant women, fear of heights, children under 5 years and under ..
And for people who have a history like the above, they can't enjoy playing AIR PLANE, huh ..

Ow, until I forgot, to want to be able to enjoy this AIR PLANE game, you only need to pay Rp. 10,000 / equivalent to $0,68 for children, and for adults Rp. 15,000 / equivalent to $1,03
So what do you think? Affordable enough, not to enjoy playing as beautiful and cool as that ...


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