Romulan Drone Ship

Romulan Drone Ship as seen in Star Trek: Enterprise.
Made by Eaglemoss

This is a remotely-manned prototype drone that served as a weapon aimed at provoking war among the members of the Federation. It tried to accomplish this through its capacity to disguise as a Federation ship of one member species, such as the Tellarites, and attacking the ships of other Federation species, such as the humans.

This was defeated by the crew of Jonathan Archer.

This collector got this piece because of its aesthetic features and intricate details. Especially notable is its TNG era-style design for Romulan ships (TNG refers to The Next Generation, referring to the Star Trek series featuring Picard and the Enterprise-D.). Even though TNG's timeline is in the future in relation to this drone's era, TNG still influenced the designs of the supposedly older Archer-era because Archer's series came after the TNG series. This particular drone is reminiscent of Romulan warbirds and scout ships in TNG.

On another note, Kirk-era Romulans have badly designed ships.

The "antennae" (forgot what they were called) at the drone's forefront and its underbelly are especially striking.

Eaglemoss really put forth a lot of effort in the design and manufacturing of this piece and this collector is very grateful, so that even if it is only available overseas, it had to be acquired. And so here it is.


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