Another Day…Another Toy Collection…

It’s like I’m living through Groundhog Day again at our comic & toy shop. Once again, another fella waltzes on in (not literally…that would just be weird) to sell his toy collection. I’m convinced at this point that most people are simply just lazy.

I ALWAYS explain that they will make more by selling individually online and the answer is the same damn near 90% of the time…”I don’t want to bother with that”, or something along those lines. With that being said, he dragged in a few boxes of 110 figures and I was salivating instantly. I wanted it no matter what.

So when we asked what he wanted and he replied with $1000, we didn’t even hesitate…especially since he wanted no part of cruising down the eBay highway. This collection is a juicy one as it fleshes out some important sections in our shop and contains pieces we haven’t had gracing our shelves in years. Let’s take a look at the goods, shall we?

First up are the original Marvel Legends from ToyBiz. I love these! My customers love these! They are instant sellers as I cannot keep my Legends section stocked as it gets pillaged pretty much daily.


These Hulk Classics also by ToyBiz have a few heavy hitters in em. While pricing em up after snapping pics, we learned that most of these are $100 and up pieces with Mecha-Hulk being around $300 bucks! Delicious.


Here we have an impressive batch of DC Super Heroes figs. These predated Mattel’s super successful DC Universe Classics the same way the above Hulk set pre dated Marvel Legends. Lots of $30-$80 dollar pieces here. Me likey.


Just like Hulk Classics…these Spider-Man Classics are ghosts in the collecting world and have a strong fan base.


A few DC Direct pieces that range from $40 to over $100 in that ToyFare Exclusive Jason Todd mail away figure.


McFarlane Toys enters the fray here with a few random exclusives. The Weapons Pack…yeah that a Benjamin.


Toy boner activated here as he could not have picked better Spawn figures to hang onto. Usually when folks bring us Spawn toys, it’s the early releases which everyone has. It’s there middle of the run pieces that command big money. Several of these are between $100-$200 each. One there was a double on. Score!!!


I kinda wanted to melt these as they are fairly terrible, but some of these Starting Lineups surprised me at $20 bucks. Most were below $10 and should probably still be melted…


While we have a few pegs worth of Joe’s in the shop which is a respectable section, these 25th anniversary figures will round out the section nicely. I know these will trickle out as I have folks asking regularly for this run…and knowing is half the battle.


Finally we have a few boxed sets. The Legends Young Avengers box set is around $175 beans while the Joe pack commands a solid hundo.


As I’ve mentioned a zillion times, these types of bulk buys are the best for us as it allows us to add impressive inventory for pennies on the dollar. It also allows us lots of wiggle room when I get the hagglers or if I just want to give someone a deal…usually for folks making a large purchase.

All in all we ended up paying around $10 bucks a figure on average. Out of the 110 pieces, I believe we needed 85 of them which is fantastic! If I had to guesstimate as to what this collection alone will roughly bring in after all pieces are sold, I’d say between $5000-$6000. I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and see what the toy collection gods bring us.

Best part is that he said he has another batch around this size that he will be digging out of mom’s pad soon. Fingers crossed 🤞. If it’s anything like what he waltzed in with today, I’m a happy camper as it’s almost free money at this point.

Thx for looking!!!!


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