Another Day...Another Funko Pop Collection...

As I’ve mentioned a gazillion times already, one of my favorite aspects of owning our kickass comic & toy store Conquest Comics has to be the ability it allows us to restock and add inventory through purchasing collections from folks. Be it comics, Pops, figures, statues, or whatever...I absolutely love purchasing collections.

Like clockwork...Another week...another rando dumping his Funko a pop collection. I didn’t even ask the reason this time. I usually do but we were fairly busy. This lovely collection consisted of 113 pieces in total and from a quick glance, it looked as though we needed a majority of them on the sales floor. Another cool aspect is 90% of the collection already came in Pop Protectors.







This was a quick negotiation. He asked for $1300 which I immediately declined. As I’ve also mentioned before, collections are coming in so often these days so we can afford to be a bit choosy.

We didn’t even get a chance to mull over a counter when he said he’d take $700. We jumped on it. At $700, the sale breaks down to $6.19 a piece which I’ll happily do considering I knew we we’re out of a large chunk of what was brought in. In fact, out of the 113 pieces, these 12 were the only ones we already had sitting on the sales floor.


The collection consisted of a combo of lower tiered exclusives, chases, with a few tasty pieces sprinkled in. I knew we were going to run through some of these quickly as more and more rabid Funko Funatics have been gobbling up this vinyl crack lately.

We gave him $700 in cash and he went along his way to do...who the fuck knows. As we were unpacking them from the box, we sold a Mace Windu for $60 to a customer that was just hanging around and frothing at the mouth as he waited for us to complete the sale. Delicious...

As I was pricing them up this morning, another gentleman popped in and bought several of the higher priced ones from the lot along with a smattering of others. He dropped $553 on 8 of the new ones which brings us to a total of $613 dollars made back on 9 pieces.

Basic math leaves us still in the red $87 bucks with 104 pieces left to move. If we forget all of that and just focus on the remaining 104 pieces...we snagged em at an average of .83 cents each. When all is sold, we will stand to profit over $2000 on this lot alone. I’ll take that any day.

See ya next collection!!!