Action Figures Monster Haul!!!

I’ve discussed before how one of my favorite aspects of owning my comic and toy shop, is the ability to add inventory through purchasing collections. Folks sell their belongings for many reasons. This fella’s excuse? Oh…ya know…cleaning out a hoarder’s house.

Yup. This gentleman has now unloaded 2 batches of collectibles with me in the past few days with promise to keep dropping off more as they dig out more salvageable goods. it seems that the previous tenant of the home this guy is gutting…was a massive hoarder. Lots of trash…but also lots of treasure.

I’m told that the house is filled with random collectibles sandwiched between trash, clothes, and other random nonsense. I hope he brings me batches daily forever. I just snapped some quick pics but will do a more detailed breakdown shortly. There’s just SO MUCH STUFF!!!

The first load me brought us was VERY heavy on Barbie’s. Now normally we don’t sell Barbie in the shop but I couldn’t resist. That fist lot was a monster. Look at this pile…


All of the product in the stacks were the first load. This lot is filled with not only the Barbie’s, but some Cabbage Patch Kids, a fuck ton of GI Joe, some Star Wars, and literally a smattering and sampling of random toys and collectibles that range from the 80’s to just a few years back.

Best part about it was the cost. I always state that the seller has to give me a number to start with. He settled on $600 bucks. I didn’t even attempt to counter. Reason being is that in my quick scans I saw 2 Barbie’s alone that would bring in around $300 a piece. Yum…

Seems the Barbie’s that this fella collected were not the typical store bought dolls but the high end Specialty pieces that include the Porcelain bodies, Bob Mackie Designer Series, and other higher end pieces. I’ll take it.

Second batch was not as strong as the first, but still a delicious chunk of shit. Lots of GI Joes, some horror figures, Nightmare Before Christmas pieces, Star Wars…and a few boxes of comics which contained some cool books. Nothing earth shattering but for the tiny amount he’s asking, it’s just simply a treat.







He asked for $200 on batch #2 but I gave him $250. He was over the moon and said he will be back with another truckload today. 🤞

According to him, they cleared only the top floor so far and still have the main floor and basement to clear. I’m so intrigued as to what other crazy shit he’s going to pull out of there. Wish I could join him on this scavenger hunt but I’ll wait patiently as he loads up his truck for new batches. Excited to actually fully break it down not only for you guys to see…but myself as well. I’ll be back soon with the deets!

Hope you are all well my Hive friends.


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