Update in Cent Tribe


Hello to everyone. Good evening. The Cent Tribe, still a young tribe, has updated its targeted content. As a starting idea, he was targeting content on economics. With the change, www.centblog.org now targets general content. You can use the "cent" tag in any of your content.

In addition, the founder of the Cent Tribe, @anadolu, said that he will support the content made in the Community. I also curate Cent and Broadhive with this account. Now I can say that I will prioritize the content shared in the Cent Community.

  • You can earn CENT Tokens by sharing content in the CENT Community and using the "cent" tag in your content.

  • You can earn curation earnings by curating Cents by staking the CENT Tokens you earn.

The Cent/Hive pool on Tribaldex.com has been active for a while. Recently, the Cent/Pob pool has also become active. The usage area and usability of Cent Token is increasing day by day.

I say it's not too late to take your place in the Cent Community and Tribe.

See you again. Goodbye.

Community Page: /created/hive-173575

Community Site: www.centblog.org

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