A delight

Hello friends, look what my friend brought me again today, the famous lemon tarts, and a strawberry one, a delight. The strawberry tart is for me, a small treat, and the boys prefer lemon ones.

I've already mentioned in one of my posts that my friend lives next to a bakery that sells tasty cakes and every time she visits me, she brings these tarts with her.

So kind of her, I told her it's a lot, she doesn't have to bring them every time she comes to see me, she said she does it with pleasure and soon it's the end of the fasting month, we won't be able to have tea in the evening, so let's enjoy these last days of fasting and make the children happy.

These tarts are a real delight, we enjoyed them in the evening, after a quite hearty meal.

We sat around the table, exchanged news, she told me about the preparations for the celebration of the end of the fasting month and the upcoming school reopening in a few days.

The children will go back to school soon, we would have liked the school reopening to be after the celebration, but what can we do, the education authorities have decided so, we'll deal with it, a bit more workload but it'll be fine.

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