Make money with your knowledge/skills

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One of the best gifts the Internet have provided is the fact that you can make money With whatever knowledge or skills that you have , as long as you really have the knowledge about a certain subject , you can earn money teaching others about that subject or creating contents that will educate people concerning it..

You can offer your skills in return for money , you can share your knowledge with the other individuals and earn money from it..

For example , you can create an online course concerning subjects that you have knowledge about , people can buy those courses from you and then you will make your money..

Here are example of some platforms where you can sell your courses and start making cool money with your knowledge...




And if you are the type that prefers blogging instead of creating courses, then to engage in blogging is even easier , wonderful platforms like hive is a place where you can blog by sharing your knowledge with others and you can earn upvotes from people who like what you shared with them , those upvotes can be used as a form of incentives..

So put your knowledge and skills into use , and watch how money will come in sooner or later...

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