PUD on April Fools’ Day


Though not so prepared just like in March, I still want to participate in PUD this 1st day of April. As I mentioned in my previous post, last month’s PUD participation was a first-time experience for me. However, such a first-time experience was followed by a series of first-time experiences with CUB, CENT, and LISTNERDS. Consequently, my budget for HIVE was spent instead on these three tokens: 80.00 USD worth of CUB, 50.00 USD worth of LISTNERDS, and another 50.00 USD plus worth of CENT.

I actually almost forget the importance of this day if not for ListNerds and @raymondspeak’s email. Thanks for the reminder!

One good accomplishment I was able to complete last month is the powering up of 1 HIVE per day. At least, I was able to defeat my forgetfulness. Hopefully, the same thing will happen this month of April.

To solve the budget problem, I am thinking of applying for a two-month salary loan from Social Security System this month and will utilize the amount for my Hive activity.

Grace and peace!

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