July 2022 Power Up Day!


Still struggling to write content after a few days. However, with today’s PUD, I have to push myself no matter what.

Last month’s PUD, I made the mistake of sending 20.00 USD worth of HIVE to the wrong wallet. Instead of sending it to rzc24-nftbbg, I sent it to rzc24nft-bbg. Just one typing mistake made a huge difference in the online transaction. Such a mistake costs me 35.413 HIVE.


This morning, I received a notification from @hivebuzz that I was given a personal badge for successfully powering every day for the whole month of June.


Yesterday, I was actually reminded about today’s PUD. Still, I appreciate today’s notification for it’s easy to forget an activity in the midst of a crowded schedule. It’s good the school year is ending and we are already done with the graduation ceremony.

As for my participation in today’s Power Up Day (PUD), I powered up a total of 20 HIVE. This is twice the quantity of HIVE I used to power up since the first time I joined PUD last March.

More power to all who have been participating in PUD!

Grace and peace!

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