Epiphyllum Oxypetualum

There was a single bloom from my Epiphyllum Oxypetualum last week. Epiphyllum Oxypetualums are also known as ‘Queen of the Night’. This is because the flower blooms in the evening and wilts by dawn. While it is in bloom, the beautiful white flower is big, and fragrant. A very showy flower indeed, and hence the name ‘Queen of the Night.’

It is said that they are the easiest plant to grow. I agree. Apart from giving it water now and then, I left my plant pretty much alone.

Some varieties of Epiphyllum Oxypetualum bloom once every year, or once in several years. Mine blooms several times a year, and sometimes as many as four blooms together in a day. I am very pleased with my plant, so much so that every time it blooms, I will take pictures of them - if I remember.

Here are some pictures of one of the blooms. You will understand why it is called ‘Queen of the Night’.

This was the bud in the late afternoon.

It was fully bloomed by 11pm. Unfortunately, this beautiful flower lasts only the night. It will be wilted by morning.



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