Economic Choices: Did I just buy the highest premium silver possible?


The Bloody Raven needs wheels.

This is not my usual post but considering the Economics of the times, this month I had to be proactive and make a strategic financial decision. So, I brewed some tea, sharpened my pencil, and assessed my situation.

1837-1858 Japanese Samurai silver 8.6g

The loss of the old 2001 Honda Civic was a little surprise as I estimated it may have only a few years left in her. At 250k kms, she needed a new front end, suspension, has a minor oil leak, a transmission issue and now an engine rebuild for a blown head gasket.

It’s officially Run-into-the-ground. $4,000.00 CAD Minimum bill just to replace the engine alone. With my weakness in mechanics, you can bet the bill would get worse.

But with a little research, the old 2001 Civic is still worth $6,000 CAD by a special Recycling program.

Then that led to a Federal Incentive of $4,000 and then a Provincial Ecological Incentive of another $3,000 CAD BUT only towards the purchase of a new Electric Vehicle and the proper disposal and recycling of a qualified 2001 or older Internal combustion engine (ICE) auto providing it has been in service over the last year. And, just like that more than a quarter of the sticker price is scratched off.

As if that wasn't enough, I have recently paid off my home mortgage and thus frees up more than enough cash flow to cover the monthly payments.

It's still a bit of a calculated roll-of-the-dice buying into a new Electric Vehicle, but with real Inflation and literally zero interest rates, the buying power of my liquid Emergency savings are going to be clobbered. And the selling prices of new and used cars I will estimate 10% higher next year putting price further out and assuming these Incentive programs are still in place.

My real life model is based on my accumulated five year record of all my Grocery receipts, energy costs, and taxes. Something taught to me by because government Inflation figures never include the effect of energy and taxes in their hedonic calculations.

1893 Japan 1 Yen Meiji Small type 26

Things seem to fall into place even after the negotiations and legal hoops to jumps to make good this deal.

My kids needed a car to practice for their driver's license was one of my top concerns.

Next was My health when it took a turn down a few months ago and we have yet to determine the cause. What ever it is, I do not have the same stamina and energy I used to have. That blood pressure spike can't be good.

Errands and shopping is less frequent and I can be more productive without wasted time for public transportation and more time home.

Two weeks, 300kms and I used no more than $2.50 worth of Electricity. The old Honda Civic would have been $65 in Gas over the same time and miles/kms. And, both my sons think this is so cool.

50 grams of silver packaged into this 2021 Nissan Leaf

The Bloody Raven now has reliable and emissions free wheels!

So how did I get the figure 50 grams of silver? The figure is quoted from a publication dated January 12th, 2021 from The Silver Institute citing usage of silver from (ICE) Internal Combustion engines that require from 15 to 28 grams, Hybrid vehicles requiring 18 to 34 grams, and finally (BEVs) Battery Electric Vehicles that require from 25 to 50 grams of silver.
Here's an excerpt, the link is below.

Average vehicle silver loadings, which are currently estimated at 15-28 grams (g) per internal combustion engine (ICE) light vehicle, have been rising over the past few decades. In hybrid vehicles, silver use is higher at around 18-34g per light vehicle, while battery electric vehicles (BEVs) are believed to consume in the range of 25-50g of silver per vehicle. The move to autonomous driving should lead to a dramatic escalation of vehicle complexity, requiring even more silver consumption. Silver automotive demand this year is projected to be 61 Moz;... ~ Jan 12,2021 The Silver Institute.

Originally, silver Oxide batteries were used as an option for fuel storage with very high energy density properties but due to the costs and toxic nature of these batteries Lithium-Ion Batteries are employed in most current Battery Power Vehicle applications.

So, what special silver have you got stuffed in your garage?”

Thank you for dropping by my post today.

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