The hard life of a small curator

Hive is an ecosystem that allows everyone to express themselves in a non-canonical way: Do what you like and get rewarded for it.

I realized that I am not a very good author, I have a hard time putting down a text and making it enjoyable to read. I probably haven't learned to like the job of the popularizer, at least not yet.


In the meantime, I enjoy marking my time here by reading other people's posts and giving upvotes.The best way to do it in my opinion is to take the feed of the latest posts published on the whole Blockchain and choose the ones that appeal to me the most.

I have seen that there are publication professionals, who manage to create very long posts in an apparently simple way. Others, on the other hand, do not even care what they publish and do it just to do it and raise a few cents.

With experience I am learning to recognize good content but also the intentions of the author. My upvote is based on a mix of quality, content, sympathy, humanity, I like to reward real people and not those who sell themselves and their emotions for money.

By doing this lately I've been getting enough satisfaction from the curator reward system. Yesterday for the first time hivestats says that my Curation APR has exceeded 10%.


I think this is the signal that I am doing well in this activity: Recently published content, on the whole Blockchain regardless of the community, of users I do not know regardless of whether they will reciprocate attention, in short, I vote for what I think creates value and indirectly this is rewarding me too!

No automatic upvotes for user lists, tags or communities, no systematic upvotes, mine are human and real upvotes: this also creates value! This allowed me to know many facets of Hive and the value of some communities compared to others, this is really engaging for me!

In the end, I continue to maintain my daily Power Up goal to continue and maintain steady growth here.


Greetings to all true Hive humans! Stay alive and involved in what you like best! I hope to write again soon 😊👍🏻

New to Hive? Here is what I learned to have a good stay here:

  • Do not copy/paste & Do not spam & Do not flood
  • Take your own photos or, if necessary, use the copyright-free ones
  • Do not upvote your own posts and comments
  • Interact with others & Do it in a meaningful way

Do you have experience on Hive instead? Feel free to leave your suggestions, I'm here to grow and improve.

Thank you!

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