Which Cent Pool Should Enable Liquidity Provider Rewards?

Hello dear friends. Due to my exams, I couldn't spare time for the community for a while. I will be active until exam season starts again.

As you know, Hive-Engine has five Cent Token liquidity pools. Recently, the liquidity provider rewards distributed in these pools have expired. We have re-enabled LP rewards in Hive/Cent and Cent/CentG liquidity pools. Over time, liquidity provider rewards will be reactivated in all liquidity pools. We are considering activating LP rewards in a liquidity pool in the coming days. The liquidity and trading volumes in the existing pools are as follows:

  • HBD/CENT: There is $210 worth of liquidity. On the last day, a transaction volume of $ 42 was realized.
  • CENT/LEO: $230 worth of liquidity. In the last day, a trading volume of $ 53 was realized.
  • CENT/POB: $291 worth of liquidity. In the last day, a trading volume of $ 63 was realized.

You can check the latest status at https://tribaldex.com/dieselpools/pools and https://beeswap.dcity.io/swap?pools&search=cent. In which liquidity pool do you think the liquidity provider rewards should be reactivated? You can suggest one of the HBD/CENT or CENT/LEO or CENT/POB pools. Thank you for your answers in advance. See you later.

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