Contribute to CENT Token Development

Hello there. I made the announcement of CENT last May. A week later, I created the Hive/CENT liquidity pool. It became stakeable last week. Four days ago, I made the initial setup for the prize pool to work. We still have a long way to go for development. But testing the stages we passed, checking whether it works properly, etc. I need your contributions. Since I will not be using the token alone, we should make the decisions together :)

Community Page.
I had previously created a community called 'Curator'. I shared content regularly for a certain period of time. However, it was not used much by other users. In addition, Peakd's "curation collections" were announced. For these reasons, instead of opening a new community page, I converted the previous page. You can review the community page by going to the link here. I would be glad if you join the community page.

Reward Pool
The Reward Pool of CENT Token scans the hashtag "cent" tag and the CENT community. I staked some CENT on account. And I did a few votes on the cent tag. However, I need your input so that we can check if the pool is working consistently. Use "cent" tag on posts. If you produce content on the Community page, it will be more appreciated :) Stake some CENT and vote.

Consistency, Balancing.
One of the most important issues is the efficient operation of the prize pool. I made a simple adjustment using other tribe projects. However, my knowledge of many parameters is limited. Another issue is CENT is a token that aims to reach a stable price. In addition, the prize pool will be only one of the uses. CENT/HBD, CENT/USDT, CENT/BTC etc. Usage areas such as creating liquidity pools and contributing rewards to liquidity pools will be added. Therefore, the prize pool should work in harmony with the features I mentioned. It should not bring excessive buying or selling pressure. We don't want the token to be trash :) That's why I need your suggestions about prize pool parameters.

This is not a tribal promotion announcement. We have a little more time to introduce the tribe. More of a project under development. So the token can be used for community development, prize pool, liquidity pools, consistency in coin value, etc. I need your suggestions and contributions. Thank you from now. See you.

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