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Hello. Today I will add the content I like to this page. I might have skipped higher quality content. However, I try to choose quality content as much as I can. Instead of including every piece of content I voted on, I listed some of them. While listing, I did not observe any quality order. Go to pre-shared links, vote or comment.

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Just joined the Hive community. First sharing. He was DJing.
It's one of the fun long articles to read. By the way, he could not stand the pressure of @damla and is back: D @sudefteri from former Hive users.
How does our brain manipulate us? Interesting information about the human brain.
An action movie trailer was shared.
There has been talk of income inequality in the world. Should we tell the rich about the decentralized world, the Blockchain?
Chelsea - Leicester spor müsabakası ile ilgili bir paylaşım.
A content about CUB, the token of the Cub Defi project announced by the Leofinance community. Why should we save Cub?
Art speaks! He explained how the design he named "Time Peace" was prepared.
How are people deceived about making money? What are the fraud methods? How do we understand potential fraud?