CentG Token Sale Started

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Hello. We've come a long way at Project Cent. The prize pool works flawlessly. Cent has five liquidity pools. We briefly touched on the CentG token while talking about liquidity pools a while ago. I gave information about CENTG last Saturday. It's time to take a new step with the project.

No Cent Tokens have been sold since the start of the project. The project's prize pool, liquidity pools, liquidity provider rewards, etc. The costs were covered by the project management. We planned to provide some capital for the expenses and investments of the project. We thought it would be more appropriate to raise the said capital with CentG. Therefore, some CentG tokens will be sold. Sell ​​orders will be entered gradually in the CentG market. The proceeds from the token sale will be evaluated as follows.

  • New liquidity pools will be created.
  • More liquidity provider rewards will be added to Cent's liquidity pools.
  • More HP will be leased.
  • Selected tribal tokens are purchased and curated income is generated.
  • Hive-Engine, BSC, Polygon etc. More income will be created through methods such as providing liquidity in blockchains.
  • More profit will be obtained by making market maker transactions in Hive-motor.
  • Financial resources will be created for the project by applying methods similar to the above items.

CentG will be purchased with a portion of the proceeds. New investments will be made with some of the income obtained. New investment and repurchase rates will be tried to be made without reducing the price value of CentG. Thus, we will have created capital for the project without adversely affecting the price of the management token. You can find the latest posts about the prize pool and liquidity pools below. Stay tuned for new announcements and updates. see you later.


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