Wealth or Education? Which heritance will you give to your kids?

I know that this kind of question might not be applicable all over the world, because some countries or communities, will see education as a basic need that should be provided for their kids.

But some people in my place have a different view of this. There are still people who are still a little bit stingy toward education, and they put education in the later positions for priorities, but instead, they are putting wealth as the main purpose of life.

They will keep on pursuing money, and they worked hard but turn blind eyes toward the kids' education, they just want to give the bare minimum education for them even though they are able to give more to them.


For me, I will choose education over wealth as my legacy toward my kids. Because education will stick in their life forever and can be used to help them in life. While wealth, surely will help their life, but only to some extent of time or condition. Managing wealth especially inheritance without education can really be tricky as it can bring chaos into the family or it can be lost in an instance when they mismanaged it.

So what about you? which legacy will you leave your child in the future?

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