Next Arsenal Match

This will be my first time talking about soccer in the community. I hope I don't violate any guideline. : )

I am an Arsenal fans, and I love this club since the of Henry, Bergkamp and those other legend. And I have also seen how Arsenal has struggled a lot at the end of Wenger era.

Now finally I have seen a glimpse of hope on the current squad. We have a good goalkeeper, good defenders and also a promising strikers. And the latest outing has proved that this might be squad that we are looking for.


I know that the recent result could not prove a lot, as Arsenal only played against middle level clubs, and now sitting at the top table after winning 5 consecutive league match.

But next match against Manchester United at Old Trafford will be the first test to the current squad. Will they have a strong mentality and could win the match. Or Manchester united will unite and could defeat them as they also need to get the moral boost after a bad starts of the season.

It is really interesting to see the result and of course I really want and wish Arsenal to win the next match.

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