New Steps in Strong Curating


Hello there. Since the day I joined Hive.Blog, my goal here is to be a strong curator. I'm slow for this, yes. But I keep walking towards this goal without giving up.

With today's HP rentals, I have reached 5,145,370 HP. 136,565 of this belongs to me. The remaining 5,008,805 are delegations with different durations. Now, if I vote 100% with 100% voting power, I can vote for $ 0.18. Yes, that is too little yet. But if I continue on this path, I think I can reach much bigger numbers.

Nowadays, I especially follow the "tr" and "proofofbrain" tags. I generally browse other tags according to the Vote power status. I'm looking for original content. I especially avoid standardized contents. I try to do a Curator like this.

See you in stronger times in the coming days. Take care of yourself and your hive. Goodnight.

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