My Press for wax bases.

Hello, everyone!

I want to introduce you to #homemade my wax base machine for my bees.
I decided to make it after we found out that the bases that are in the store are 70 grams. And #bees want to be thicker and more stable

The construction of the press itself consisted of making a wooden body, to which he had to add a silicone mold identical to the generally accepted size standards.
For this purpose I made a silicone casting on a purchased wax base.
I literally smeared it with silicone on both sides ... unfortunately I don't have pictures of the whole process. Then I got a whole piece of silicone that I had to cut in half ... and remove the complex base.

The fitting of the two plates against each other turned out to be more complicated than I expected!
Because the highest points of one had to go to the lowest of the opposite.

Which was difficult! But it worked ..!



The result was more than good. Because in the processing processes the rest of the excess wax is collected.
Finally, there is nothing better than making the necessary wax bases yourself.

From pure real wax.





The obtained bases were about 94 grams. Which is 20 more and #bees appreciate it!



I will be glad if the predictions for the extinction of these insects are not true!

Let's save the bees!

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