First time playing cat with knives!

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Hello everyone,

Some of you might know that I always cycle between gods and try different decks and archetypes either to test them out or for fun. And I indeed did play aggro deception several times before and each was a different deck somehow. However, I never got to try this kitty cat called Shadow of Lethenon before, so I decided to buy it and check out how it goes!

Now the cat should be a great addition in most scenarios, except for ones where your opponent have clearing spells or effects. And it makes a big difference indeed especially in the current meta where I mostly match up against aggro war in most cases. So I decided to share this deck with you in this post and discuss it's strenght point and weak point.

The Deck


The deck is not expensive overall, it costs around 61$ and most of the cards can be won from packs. However, there are some additions that can benefit it the deck a lot but I switched them up with the most viable substitution for them. So let us check these switched out and why I chose them:

Switches made

Feral Shapeshifter for Shade Walker

"switch 1.png"

This switch is the closest one I could think of for the Shade Walker. They both have the same mana cost, both have hidden and almost same stats. So this is the closest alternative you can have. You can chose whichever one of them you want if you have both!

Arms Dealer for Sneaky Bruiser

"sneaky bruiser.png"

Sneaky Bruiser is a really good card in aggro deception, however, I decided to keep Arms Dealer instead because in some scenarios it helps me not keep all the strength focused on 1 creature that can eat a spell and ruin everything, so it keeps the danger coming from 2 or 3 creatures! Both serves different purposes and both are good!

Good card additions

Now let us talk about the good card additions that you can add to this deck to improve it much further! The deck still works well without them but they can make it a bit better!

Pyramid Warden


Obviously this card takes the deck to a whole new level. It can be used to kill your opponent creatures early on and stop them from controlling board, and also can be used to get insane damage in since it synchronises very well with assassins aim since it has good HP!

Whisper Baron


Being a guild creature this card goes well with hidden rush decks! You can keep it hidden for a bit, stack up some strength to it before striking face and getting good damage in! A dangerous card to be left on board that's for sure!

Tips on using some cards

There are two cards that I would like to give some tips on how to use them, because they can be a bit tricky to get the best results and damage out of them so let's talk about them:

Merrick, Keeper of many


To get the maximum potential out of this card, try and use it right after playing a strong hidden creature on board. Or if your opponent does not have ways to clear it, you can keep it hidden until you get strenght buff spells and give them to another creature on board which will be copied to him! It is like having 2 dark knives instead of 2 so use it wisely!

Pietro, Merry Bandit


To get the best value out of this card, first of all try to use it when you have 1 or more creatures on board to give them the hidden, and two and most importantly if your opponent have a certain wide board clearning spell, try to bait it out first before playing him to get maximum value and not give the value to your opponent!

Good and Bad matchups

Now let us talk about which are the worst and best matchups for this deck and why:

Good Matchups

The best matchups for this deck after trying it out for a while I would say are:

  • Anubians: Because your deck will always be hidden and they will have no target to trade their annoying creatures with!
  • Card draw magic: The only spell to clear early on for them is the Tracking Bolt, after baiting it out it should be a free turns up until 7 mana which is more than enough.
  • Aggro Light: With the current state of light, and the inability to clear out the cats, you can be much faster in killing him then him killing you with the right cards.
  • Control Deception: They literally have nothing to clear your creatures up until 6 mana, which you can also play around by having 1 or 2 strong creatures on board only! Definitely a great matchup!

Bad Matchups

  • Nature: All nature type decks in general are your worst nightmare with this deck. They have tons of spells to clear strong creatures and also wildfire to clear wide. Definitely need a bad hand for opponent to be able to win it!
  • Control Magic: Same applies in this matchup, although it is a bit easier than nature this magic won't be a threat until 7 or 8 mana, but they do have a lot of spells to deal with your creatures that you gonna have to try and play around.

The rest of the matchups I could say its either 50/50 or 60/40 for one of you but it depends more on good draws and good turns in these situations but no one really has the edge!

Matchup Results

Now let us see the results that I got with this deck. It was during weekend rank, but it was after I finished my first 18 games, it was just to get to 30 wins fast while having fun at the same time!

"Untitled - Made with DesignCap.jpg"

So I played this deck for 20 matches and got 12 wins overall which is pretty good! I did pretty decent against most matchups except nature, I just could not win a game with the amount of answers they have! But overall, pretty good results!

Final Thoughts

Now not only this deck is fun to play and unique, it can also be a good deck to win matches with, or finish the rest of the 30 wins you need as fast as possible because it is very fast paced. Lose fast or win fast better than waiting 20 mns in 1 game and then losing at the end of it! But yeah it always depends on what exactly you want in the game!

Sometimes you might feel the need to play brain melting control matchups which makes the game fun in some situations, but if you feel the need to play fast paced matches and get decent amount of wins definitely try this deck out! You can always use cheaper alternatives that has similar effects and you might still win a bunch!

That was it for this one, hope you like it, if you did be sure to drop a follow I would really appreciate it and let me know in the comments if you ever played hidden rush deception or if you're new to the game I always try my best to help by testing out decks for you guys and see if they work or not!

Also if you have any question or maybe need some tips let me know in the comments I would love to helo you out! Goodluck everyone and I will see you on the next one!

Mad Love, Peace out <3

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