Weekend Ranked Event Matchup Statics on Low Mythic (68% WR)


Gods Faced


It is still a heavy Aggro War meta during the weekend rank events as always, If you can build your deck around countering these players by splashing control options then you can at least expect your games to be longer than 6 turns. The other noteworthy archetypes I've face against where Zombie Death, Hidden Deception and Control Magic, all where built to at least counter Aggro War in some way.



I was heavily impressed with my Nature Deck showing during this event. It was able to beat War and other competent decks consistently enough to get that 9 wins. A bit disappointed on Magic as I thought it was a good counter to the meta, probably need to thinker with it more by adding in control options. War is War, good aggro deck that can kill most opponents before they can equalize the board and recover.

Decks I Used

Aggro War


Mid-Range Nature


Mid-Range Magic


Notable Cards

Dryder Sailweaver - A good early game card comparable with Wild Hog, I've been running this recently in my decks to try and counter Magic and Nature specifically to at least get high value trades.


Gaint Pangolin - If you are running high mana units they should at least do something when they hit they field or have some incredible upside to it since stats don't matter as much in the late game. Pangolin deals with this by having blitz + 2 armour making it able to kill an opposing large unit while tanking most early game threats.


Final Results

Current Rank


Feedback would be much appreciated as I am still new to writing this type of content ✌️!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

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