My Hive 2021 Highlight, Thanks to the GU Community!

This is my entree post for @guiltyparties Community Challenge, which you can see in this post.

How I got to Posting

At the start of it all, I created a hive account in August to try out Splinterlands but only used it to post blog content this month so I am still quite a beginner and will do better in making future content.

I was just casually browsing discord in early December and during that time I saw some cool things about the platform and how there are numerous events that are transpiring that any person can join if they are willing to post content so I tried it out.

My Hive Highlight

These events happened quite recently just 4 days ago but it was still quite a shock for me. On the 18th of December, I thought that milestone of 42.21 would not be passed so soon and I was surprised and quite thrilled to see that just 2 days later on the 20th that this post is now the highest-rated.

Thank you very much to @ocdb, @acidyo for hosting those community events which made me have the motivation on making my 1st post and snowballing it to now, and thank you as well to the numerous other users supporting both of the posts and all upcoming ones in the future!


I hope that I can achieve more milestones in 2022 through my content either by getting more followers who want to know what I post or reblogging what I find interesting, having a higher reputation score, and finally giving back to the community by hosting giveaways and such.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays. I hope that all you guys reading this would have a great 2022 using Hive as well!

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