Gods Unchained Hive Contest!


Credit to @nelyp for the banner

Hello everyone, welcome to our GU contest we will be running for all of December!

Here's a quick overview of what it will entail:

- play2earn

We'll be checking player's gaming stats on gudecks (example:) for games played from today until the end of the year and it will all count towards a giveaway split up among everyone else who has registered!

- create2earn

We'll also be inviting outside content creators over to Hive with unique invite links that bypass SMS verification using our account credits. We'll then curate content posting in the Gods Unchained community thoroughly throughout the whole month.

- socialize2earn

We will also keep an eye on engaging users that comment and grow their following by following and being followed by other Gods Unchained players in the community and curate their comments as well.


We got some juicy giveaways for this contest:

  • 500 HBD (converted to Hive) sponsored by the DHF (@pettycash)
  • Genesis Cards, Trial of the Gods Cards and Divine Order cards sponsored by @acidyo
  • and a ton of upvotes respective to the effort and quality of content and engagement

more details on the giveaways soon, we will also be documenting how everything has been going and use most of the post rewards from these posts to add more rewards to the giveaway pool!

How to sign up

Signing up for the contest is easy, you just have to comment your GU username in the comments of this post and you're in.

For Hive account creations we'll be making use of other platforms to verify the user is who they say they are before they receive an OCD invite link to generate an account and sign up for the contest.

Anyone reading this outside of Hive, I'll be posting a link to this on Reddit, please feel free to DM me there under "Acidyo" or on Discord: Acidyo#9749, I'm in the GU, IMX and TST discord. The only link I'll be giving out will be a "onboard.ocd.social/XXXXX" invite, don't get scammed by fake identities and verify my contact info before clicking anything.

This link will get you a free Hive account (costs 3 Hive) so make sure to save and back up those keys that come along with it - we don't have access to them.

Our main goal is to grow the Gods Unchained community and empower more content creators and social media users with Hive's advantages that they can't get anywhere else.


We'll be providing newcomer guidance in our Discord: https://discord.gg/bnGc4BU where we've already had channels and a user rank for Gods Unchained from our past activities of onboarding players. Many still active on Hive today but with the recent release of the Forge making play2win more viable again, the recent airdrops and hype surrounding it and the blessings of the gods play2earn event we hope it drives more players and content creators to take advantage of what's waiting for them here on Hive as well.


Thanks for reading! Stay tuned on more info on the card giveaways and some other bonus giveaways that may enter the pool throughout the month!

If you have a Twitter account please throw us a follow here: https://twitter.com/Gods_On_Chain

(Post rewards will be sent to @acidyo to liquidate them and add them towards the giveaway pool.)

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