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Hello world and fellow Hivers

The time has come again to update you about the progress I managed to make in the previous weekend's event with my Aggro War deck for the second week that I used it. I noticed that many of you got interested in this particular deck and I received a couple of messages/comments saying that they are willing to try it or to explain a little bit about how to approach each battle. I believe that the majority of you really like that this is so a value-for-money deck so I decided not to upgrade it with expensive cards and the changes that we are going to view today will be in the same spirit. So I would try to remain at a budget of 10-15$ for the next event too but the goal is to reach Mythic rank with this deck too and if that means that we would need to push the budget a little bit higher so we might do it. Enough with the talk for now because we have to review our grind and open some sweet packs.


Report from Weekend Event

2022-11-29 (3).png

Thoughts about the result

So I have to say that I'm officially pretty impressed with the results and the general feeling that I get while playing the deck. To be honest, I don't really believe that I'm afraid a particular deck or class because everything is coming down to the opening hand that I or my opponent has. Of course, I've got a better score against some decks but I have lost and won almost every deck that is playable in the ladder. Overall I'm pretty happy with the results I got this time and I believe that with some changes I could do a lot better. Also, I came really close to reaching Mythic rank at some point but I believe that is for the best that I didn't do it. At last keep in mind that I didn't play all the games with this deck because at the beginning I thought that it would be better if I would use a variation of my old Light deck and I regret it after a couple of games.



2022-11-29 (5).png

The reason that I share the deck with you again is the fact that after 25 total games that I played since last week the win rate is exactly the same. I believe that indicates the consistency of the deck.


Possible new additions

One of the strongest candidates to join our deck list is the card Thunder Caller. One of the main reasons was of course the ability it has to buff our Viking cards and the pretty decent stats it has for 3 mana. I believe that is a very strong card that would fit perfectly our team and would increase the damage output that our deck could do. The current price for this card is 8 GODS/ 2$ each. It's not so expensive but I have to work it out a little because as I said before I don't want to increase the budget a lot.


The next card that I was juggling about whether to add it or not is the Sole Survivor. I've used this card on another deck that I tried in the past but I am really concerned about the fact that it may affect the aggro part of the deck but on the other hand, a spell to clear the board is pretty much necessary against mirror type matchups or against Light class. The cost of this card is 4 GODS/ 1$ and I believe that's pretty reasonable for this kind of spell. I would like to hear your opinion about this addition because I really can't decide if it would be for the best.


Unpacking Rewards

2022-11-29 (21).png

2022-11-29 (22).png

2022-11-29 (23).png

2022-11-29 (24).png

2022-11-29 (26).png

2022-11-29 (25).png

2022-11-29 (27).png

2022-11-29 (28).png

2022-11-29 (29).png

The rewards were not so bad this time but I can't say that I got something that is extremely valuable either. Once again the goal is to grow my collection even more and every card that we gain is a plus for me.


Watch the Action!

Against Heirloom Death

This is one of the most fascinating battles that I shared with you for a long time now. I really enjoyed the intensity of the battle and as you would see you couldn't predict the outcome of this battle at any point of the battle. As you would see the whole battle lasted 11 minutes and I couldn't go through each round, so I believe that it is better to kick back and enjoy a really interesting battle. The main idea that I followed throughout the battle was to deal as much damage as possible to my opponent's face but also to not let him keep on the board critical cards for his combo. I don't want to spoil much because I highly recommend actually viewing it.

Against Aggro War

Finally a mirror matchup actually happened and I was really curious to see my performance against a similar deck. As you would see it's not actually the same because my opponent has a different variation of this aggro deck. The battle didn't last too long because he never actually achieve to gain control over the board and I believe that is the most important thing against an aggro deck. The fact that I was started first, I believe that played some role in that too.


Thank you for reading

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