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Hello world and fellow Hivers

Another Weekend event came to an end and as always we are going to review the result of my performance and we will judge the deck I chose for this event. Also, we are going to unpack the rewards from my previous event runs. If you are following my posts about GU, you know that a lot of time now I played with my aggro Light deck but it performed really poorly at my previous run and I played a couple of games at the beginning of my last event but I quickly realized that I should change the deck, so today we are going to review a completely new deck. Enjoy!

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Report from Weekend Event

2022-08-02 (2).png

As you can see my final score was 9 wins out of 18, a 50% win rate. But If I want to be honest with you a couple of losses came from my Light deck and another couple of them because the internet went down twice as I was playing my games. So probably could go much better, and I will try again next weekend for better and more accurate results.

Deck list

2022-08-02 (3).png

I really enjoy playing this deck and I know that is not one of the best out there but it was really fun tbh. There are several winning conditions and many synergies between cards and all the decks I play is a very aggro deck. If you want to play this deck you should keep in mind that your number 1 priority is to gain control over the board and try to have as many minions as you can on the battlefield and try to buff them quickly.

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Unpacking Rewards

So because I had too many packs to open, I decided to make a video opening my rewards and not upload photos of them separately! I believe that I did pretty well with these rewards and I got some very useful cards! I would like to hear your opinion also in the comment section!

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Watch the Action!

Now you can see my latest battles from my weekend grind and watch how my deck performed against a Death-Zombie deck and a Warrior deck! I am expecting your comments and your thoughts about the battle in the comment section! I hope you will enjoy it!

So the first battle we are going to watch is against the famous Zombie deck. Some of you already know that I hate that deck and whenever play against it I always want to win. So I would try to explain a little bit about what happens in this specific battle. We have a really strong beginning and we've got control over the board until round 3. We truly regain control over the board at 5:30 with the help of the card Crescent Werewolf as you will see. After that play, you will see that he can't really recover.

This is the last battle that I am going to show you today and you will see pure dominance from the second round already. My opponent tried to come back afterward but the incredible card Lighting Strike gave the final blow! Enjoy!

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Thank you for reading

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