God's Unchained for Dummies (An all inclusive newbie guide).


First of all, Thank you for all the love you gave me in my introduction post. You guys are truly awesome.

What Is Gods Unchained

It is a free online trading card game comparable to Magic: The Gathering Arena, Hearthstone, or Legends of Runeterra (We all love free things). The game is a trading card game that "pays to play." The game gives you ownership of your cards while giving you GODS tokens for playing the game. You can mint your cards onto the blockchain to sell as NFTs. (More on that on a later post).

Getting all Set-Up

First off, getting set up with Metamask, God's unchained and Immutable. It's NOT rocket science, and it takes you two minutes to set that up. Below are youtube links explaining how to do it ( Not affiliated with these channels).

**How to Use & Safely Setup MetaMask **

**Immutable X Wallet Linking! Gods Unchained **

Downloading God's Unchained https://godsunchained.com/

Shameless plug, when you download it, you could use my referral code - dbjcbrloFp (My mud hut in the Jungle could use some concrete). https://godsunchained.com/account/register?referral=dbjcbrloFp - Link

Alright, your set up and ready to play. If you have past TCG experience, it is like riding a bicycle. If not, go through the tutorial, and it breaks down the core game mechanics pretty well. ( I will get into game mechanics in a later blog post).

" "GU client.png""

God's Unchained Client

Arena: This is your home screen and where you will play bot, ranked, and direct challenges. Also shows you your level progress ffor those precious core packs.

Market Place: Where you can buy and sell cads on ImmutableX and the Star store (More on the sweet star store later).

Collections: Where you see your cards, boards, trinkets, and emotes. (Emotes are not available, which is sad because I WANT MY "?" EMOTE to BM).

Workshop: This is where you use your big brains to make unique decks, or if you're like me, to steal other people's decks. ( More on deck building below).

Forge: This is where you mint your NFT's with flux and GODS Tokens.

Open Packs: As it states, you open the packs you get by leveling up, you get better packs every 10 and 25 levels.

Learn: This tab will give you all the information you need about the game. Read their blog; it provides a lot of insight into what's to come.

Buy Packs: You can buy packs for the event currently going on. Also, you get a discount before an X dollar amount is sold. ( So be an early bird and go buy packs when it drops).

Flux: The golden star on the top right of your screen, which you will need to mint NFT cards.

Blue Star: This is in-game currency to buy cards from the star shop. (I call it the blue thingy, so don't quote me on blue star).

Source - Memegenerator.net

Deck Building

You could always go mad scientist and build your own decks, but it may get overwhelming if you're new to the game. So here are some links to save your brain cells. Use other people's big brains (they make decks that I have wet dreams of).

God's Unchained blog https://blog.godsunchained.com/2021/11/10/improve-your-game-with-these-hand-crafted-deck-codes/

https://gudecks.com/meta/top-decks (Meta decks) https://gudecks.com/deckbuilder (more intuitive interface to build decks that the GU workshop, edited thanks to @entrepidus)

You have to copy the import link and paste it in your GU client, wallah and you got yourself a battle-tested deck.

" "GU workshop.png""

I give you links, and you gonna complain saying I got missing cards; they are playing genesis decks? Fear not; this is where you use your big brains. Look at the deck as a whole, look at what the deck's creator is going for, and find core cards that you have to replace what you're missing. (Keep reading because there's another resource down under).

" "Star Store.png""

Blue Star store (Blue THINGY store)

Make this page your religion as a newbie. Every day you log on to play, make it a habit to check the cards on sale, and it will help you get those core cards that you're missing to round up decks. I got my "bladefly" for my nature deck through that (that card has got me board control more than I can imagine). Also, if you think it's a core card for the future, buy multiple so you can forge them into meteorites later, while finalizing your main decks (Just something I do).
(Edit thanks to @entrepidus).

Source - Memegenerator.net

More resources

@copperpitch this man has some very informative videos for newbies like us. Even though I knew the game's mechanics, I got a lot of insight from him on trading, deck building, and card worth (sweet tendies). He is a BIG BRAIN resource you can check out for free. His core card analysis about "Skeleton Heavy, Trial Spirit etc.. is pure poetry for us newbies. I recommend watching his gameplay on Twitch; it's worth your time. Below are his links ( I am not affiliated with him in any sense. He doesn't know I even exist),

Youtube https://www.youtube.com/c/CopperPitch


"IT'S (2).png"


Hope this guide helped you out. If you have questions, feel free to drop them in the comments, and I will get back to you. Again I would like to thank @acidyo for juicing me up and hive.blog for giving me a platform. Remember, nature is the way, and it's always "JUNGLE DIFF."

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