Stoken Proposal

New tribe from the team behind SkateHive: Stoken

What’s Stoke?

The word stoke originally comes from the word stoken, which means to poke, or add fuel to a fire, in order to help the fire burn stronger. In recent times stoke has been largely adopted by extreme sports, where it refers to anything that incites a passion for said sport.

Almost anything can get someone stoked, be it as simple as watching a video of someone doing something, doing it yourself, with a community, and or just sharing something you care about with others!

Our goal is to use the power of web3, to enable people to get rewarded for doing what gets them, and others stoked. Though Stoken is inspired by the stoke generated by extreme sports, we believe stoke is universal, and we do not want to prevent anyone from sharing their stoke with others.

Instead we believe forming the guiding principals of Stoken, around the spirit of what stoke is, will set the bedrock for building better communities.

What Stoken plans to bring to Hive 🍯

  • Unique name, and meme-ified branding that will stand out above the hard to find Hive brand.
  • Real world events tied to web3 content creation.
  • Attracting non crypto content creators, into web3.
  • Exciting content to bring in non crypto audience.
  • Focus on onboarding large, existing communities. i.e: Reddit skateboarding: 385k members, and Redbull: 10 million YouTube subscribers.
  • NFTs. Plans include real world utility, fund raising, and future gamification.
  • DTF ( Decentralized Token Fund )
  • Stoken DAO: Decentralized voting system to allow the community to sponsor athletes, content creators, influencers, and real world events.
  • A new token for you to earn for doing Hive stuff!
  • Possibility of future airdrop of governance tokens.

What will funds be used for

  • Paying for Bee to have Stoken tribe built. We believe it’s important to starting on the right foot, as a community funded project.
  • Paying for extra work needed during development. We plan to use communities talents first, but we will hire people from Hive-Engine to do work that we ourselves cannot do.
  • Marketing, and attracting influencers.
  • Providing liquidity for token.
  • Left over funds would go to funding the DTF.
  • DTF will be used for community sponsorship, marketing, curating, covering costs, and funding community events.
🐝 Bee cost : 5000 Bee for Outpost, 1000 Bee for staking, 1000 bee for diesel pool + extra fee for the rewards (7000 Bee Total)

Summary of why you should support Stoken!

  • Founding members are long time Hive pioneers, who started with SteemSkate, and then SkateHive after the fork.
  • Onboarding: We believe that sports acts as a bridge from web2 sports communities, into the web3 world, and will help bring about mass adoption.
  • Solves a major world issue: In most sports, only the top athletes get paid, while social media profits of the content they all create. We empower content creators through web3, allowing athletes get a return on the value they generate.
  • Exciting content, and users: Extreme sports communities such as the Skateboarding Community can bring lots of new types of users to the Hive Environment. Creating content that will appeal to a much wider audience, and helping Hive retain a large audience.
  • We’re cool: We smoke enough weed to have great ideas, but not too much, as to forget said ideas!

SkateHive team behind Stoken

Haris Housos (@knowhow92)Daryl Boehlig (@howweroll)Vlad (@xvlad)
is a life-long skateboarder from Greece and one of the founding members of Skatehive Community. Addicted to crypto since late 2017, Haris quit his daily job and focused 100% of his time and energy into building Skatehive community. Haris is currently a full-time content creator and heavily invested into blockchain a longtime longboarder, and community organizer from Canada. Joined SteemSkate, now SkateHive, back in 2018 after learning about it while doing research, as a then begginer crypto investor. Since then he has continually invested both money and effort into growing the SkateHive a professional Skateboarder from Brazil sponsored by local brand Soma, OCB , Redley and Bolovo. He is also a skateboard community leader in ColetivoXV, a movement from Rio de Janeiro with the goal of legalizing skateboarding in the city. Vlad is currently a part of Odysee Growth team, the biggest video-sharing platform that work on top of a Blockchain and also a LBRY Foundation board member.

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