Happy Go Skate Day Everyone !!

So i had in mind to post a video of my recent progress skating, and maybe some lines but i broke my skateboard so i couldn't do anything but film and watch others. Then me and my friend @dikayskate decided that it would be cool to to film a small skate part dedicated to two different days since we got kicked out from our street spot the first day but a very nice lady who shouted at us for no reason at all.


Other than this, i wanted to try my new gimbal since i am planning a very big project soon and i want to be as ready as i can. Will be back as soon as i make enough money to buy a board wich won't break in under 13 days and make sure to make enough progress to satisfy me and you as well.


Hope everyone has a safe/relaxing/joyful day at whatever they are doing ! Skate your best, be happy be brave and keep skating or die !!

Happy Skate Day Everyone !!!

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