[Update] Donations for Mr. Danilo - More than $400 raised and we keep going

GoFundMe Campaign

10 days ago we asked for your donations about @davixesk8 father Mr. Danilo.

Mr. Danilo is giving a fight against throat cancer and the least we can do in times like this is come together as a community and help.

We are more than pleased with how things went in the 1st round of our "Donations for Mr. Danilo" campaign

More specifically

  • 122.999 HBD & 195.667 HP raised as post rewards
  • $25 woth of Hive-Engine Tokens were raised as post rewards
  • 62 HBD raised from donations to Skatehive

List of donors : @deeanndmathews (10 HBD) , @xvlad (10 HBD) , @branders0n (1 HBD) , @itsfall173 (15 HBD) , @neshk (15 HBD) , @priyanarc (1 HBD) , @herbertholmes2 (10 HBD)

Lots of people also decided to donate directly to @davixesk8 via discord, GoFundMe and Hive as well as raised awareness about our campaign with their own unique way like @neshk so thank you all for your contribution

Special thanks to @ocd for their support in this campaign

Donations for Mr. Danilo Round 2

This is the 2nd and final round of our "Donations for Mr. Danilo" Campaign.

3 ways to help

  1. Donate directly to mr. Danilo via GoFundMe : https://www.gofundme.com/f/ayuda-a-danilo-a-vencer-el-cancer-de-garganta?utm_campaign=p_cf+share-flow-1&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_source=customer

  2. Send @davixesk8 any amount of Hive, HBD or Hive-Engine Tokens

  3. Send @skatehive any amount of Hive, HBD or Hive-Engine Tokens with the memo "Donation for Danilo". Once this post pays, we'll send the post payment as well as all donations raised from both Rounds directly to @davixesk8.

You can also help us by reblogging this post so we can reach more people


Thank you all

Thank you all in advance for your donations.

We'll share an update post next week informing you about how much Hive/HBD/Hive-Engine Tokens we've raised and send to @davixesk8 for transparency.

As mentioned earlier, all posts rewards and tips will go towards mr. Danilo's fight against throat cancer

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