Skatehive Community Update - Discord Changes, Monthly Skatehive Edit & Onboarding "Pizza Skateboards"

What's up #Skatehive Fam?

It's been some time since our last official update but we've been working on the background onboarding skateboarders and thinking of smart & fun ways to promote our skate community to the masses.

This update is gonna be a really interesting one so sit comfortable and keep reading

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Discord Changes

Our discord Channel is looking more organized and beautiful than ever thanks to @xvlad

We've added a few fresh hives like the #get-roles, #crypto, #nfts_skatehive, #yardsale, #monthly-edit, #cinema and more. Let's take a closer look at some of them.

#get-roles : React to the emoji that best describes your interests so we can know who to contant for future initiatives.

#crypto : Crypto is what's powering our community so it only makes sense we have a place to talk about everything crypto-related, right?

#Yardsale : Do you have any skate stuff you're not using? List them on #yardsale. Everyone can buy or sell skate stuff in our new hive called #yardsale but please follow the pinned rules. Rule 5 is our favourite!

Join Skatehive Discord :

#nfts-skatehive : Did you create a skate-related #NFT and want to spread the word? Feel free to drop a link of your latest digital piece of art in #nfts-skatehive.

#cinema : We thought it would be fun to have a place to chill and watch some skate videos all together so we created #cinema. We will organize our 1st #cinema session soon so stay tuned.


Every month starting from March, Skatehive will upload a skateboarding edit featuring our community members.

@jucabala and @xvlad are gonna be in charge of editing and our monthly edits will be shared on Instagram, Youtube and other centralized social media so we ca raise awareness about Skatehive.

Do you want to be featured in Skatehive's Monthly Edit?

All you have to do is to join the skatehive Discord and share a link of your RAW FOOTAGE in the #monthly-edit hive before April 1st.

Please refrain from sending us long skateboarding lines (2-3 short raw clips are enough) and make sure that the footage is downloadable. One way to do that is to upload your clips on LBRY and share the lbry link with us but we'll leave that up to you

Onboarding Pizza Skateboards

Pizza, one of the most well-established skateboarding companies recently premiered their new video called "ETHEREUM" and mentioned NFTs in the first 10 seconds of their new full-length video

There must be a reason Pizza is mentioning NFTs so Skatehive did some research and we found out that Pizza is gonna launch an NFT collection soon.

Call to action

We want to onboard Pizza skateboards on Hive and LBRY.

Imagine buying Pizza boards or clothes with Hive or LBC... Everything can happen but we need your help to achieve that.

You can help by mentioning Skatehive in Pizza skateboards Instagram posts, in their Youtube video (Ethereum) or by contacting them on Pizza Skateboards Website

We know it's a long-shot but it's aways better to try something than thinking of what could have happenened if you did try!

New Community Members

@howweroll is on an onboarding "spree" and 5 new skaters joined us thanks to his efforts and love and love about decentralized communities.

It would be great if you could visit their channels and show them some Skatehive love.

Our newest members are

Welcome to Skatehive folks

This update pretty much covered all things going on in Skatehive community these days.

Make sure to check out our Crypto Skater Of The Week Initiative and grab you chance to be our next nominator.

Read more at : /@skatehive/cyber-skater-of-the-week-jucabala

Our Goal

The main goal of Skatehive is to spread the decentralized culture in the global skateboarding community and help every skater make it's project come true by utilizing the benefits of open source communities.

We are skateboarders, we seek for change

The Revolution Has Started.

Will You Be A Part Of It?

Sign up on SkateHive :
Sign up on LBRY :$/invite/@Skatehive:6

Join SkateHive Server :

Join SkateHive on LBRY server :

React to the red skateboard emoji so the room opens

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