Friday Morning Skate Session!!

Good day Skatehive!

Here is another photoblog I would like to share. This was our skate session last friday. Many skaters came in and we did some good skating despite the weather. As per usual, TJ is the main filmer and he captured all of these photos. I did the video editing, I will share it here once I get my DTUBE sorted out, I am having problems again. hahah

First Photo is Jah Ras. This is the only sequence photo I edited. I made this during my lunchbreak with the LiveCollage app. It is pretty simple to make as Jah makes this trick look effortless. He did a fakie backside boardslide here which is a tricky manoeuvre since the flatbar is behind you once you pop. The key to the trick is your timing and the trust you put in your skill so that the board will land and slide on the flatbar. This sequence shows the step by step, and if you want to try it, it is really a cool looking trick!

Now here I am doing a simple kickturn on a ramp. I always wanted to learn ramp tricks but even if I tried, I really don't learn it anymore. Maybe because when skating on a limited time, I am more focused on what I can do now and film it rather than learn a new trick for hours. Hopefully I can learn something cool and share it here on skatehive! for now it is only kickturns! hahaha. By the way, for a simple trick, this angle is awesome by TJ!

This is a Five-O by Jules done perfectly and balanced. Notice how the tail does not touch the ledge, it is balanced and looks nice! I saw Jules battled this trick for a couple of tries and slams. Glad that he made it work!

...and here he is, the man himself. the great filmer TJ!! I notice when I was editing last weeks video, TJ have no clips and everything was filmed by him. So last friday I told him to do a clean boardslide and he did it on a couple of tries. I could not do it the way he does his angles but this is cool enough so that he may have a footage from the session. Trailing behind him is Van who, same with me, struggled this day because of the humidity. And I do not know why he is barefoot riding his board! hahah

That is it, I hope you enjoy looking at our skate session photos!

Thanks for reading, I appreciate your time!


P.S. The pressure is what trick to do next friday? hahah !! haha Peace!

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